South Tyrol’s excellences worldwide


Every time I find some South Tyrolean speciality or product abroad, I feel really proud! 2005 it happened with the “Marlene” apples in my district’s supermarket in Berlin – a homely feeling in one of the most interesting European capitals. 2009 it happened with the “Loacker” waffles in Khao Sok (Phuket – Thailand) – our “emergency-breakfast”, since that of the hotel was horrible…!! And now I get a lovely “Sterzing-Vipiteno” yogurt on my flight to and from Tenerife – one of my favs ever 🙂
As I wrote, I’m really proud of these enterprises, because they managed to conquer the international market with their excellent products and make feel at home even when I’m far.


2 thoughts on “South Tyrol’s excellences worldwide

  1. Feel the same. Loacker waffles are available really everywhere and always bring a smile to my phase. And there are more good examples, e.g. Leitner Ropeways, etc.

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